"The Devil and Maya Gallo"
The devil and maya gallo
Season 1
Episode 2
Air Date March 5, 1997
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"The Devil and Maya Gallo" is the second episode of the first season which aired on March 5, 1997.


Maya begins working at her father's magazine. Her father buys her a ton of gifts and gives her a great new office in which to work. Maya is thrilled, until she analyzes her father's motivation.


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  • Laura San Giacomo as Maya Gallo
  • George Segal as Jack Gallo
  • Wendie Malick as Nina Van Horn
  • Enrico Calatoni as Elliot DiMauro
  • David Spade as Dennis Finch
  • Chris Hogan as Wally Dick


  • Victoria Webb as Herself
  • Tom Kenny as Perksy
  • Tracy Zahoryin as Noelle
  • Jim Round as Intern
  • Jennifer Hale as Model