"Secretary's Day"
Season 1
Episode 3
Air Date March 12, 1997
The Devil and Maya Gallo · Nina's Birthday

"Secretary's Day" is the third episode of the first season. It originally aired on March 12, 1997.


When everybody starts wishing Finch happy secretary's day, he gets very annoyed. He hates being known as just a secretary. He leaves the office and has a brush with fame when he falls into the gorilla cage at the zoo. Jay Leno appears as himself in The Tonight Show. 


  • Laura San Giacomo as Maya Gallo
  • Enrico Colantoni as Elliot DiMauro
  • David Spade as Dennis Finch
  • George Segal as Jack Gallo
  • Wendie Mallick as Nina Van Horn
  • Chris Hogan as Wally Dick (1997)
  • Rena Sofer as Vicki Costa (2002-2003)