Maya Gallo
Maya gallo
Gender Female
Family Jack Gallo (father)
Eve Gallo (mother)
Allie (stepmother)
First Appearance "Back Issues"
Last Appearance "Future Issues
Strange Bedfellows (unaired)"
Occupation Journalist
Portrayed By Laura San Giacomo

Maya Gallo is a journalist who works as an editor at Blush Magazine under her father Jack.

Biography Edit

Maya was born on January 1st to Jack and Eve Gallo.[1] Due to his business and status as a magnate, Jack would always miss milestones in Maya's childhood including recitals, graduations, and birthdays and Maya was practically raised solely by her mother.

As a young girl, Maya went to Woodbridge, an exclusive school in New York City, where she accidentally burned the west wing. The Headmaster thinks that the accident was Maya's way of acting out because of her father's absence.

During the pilot, she is working as a journalist for a television news channel. After messing around the teleprompter as revenge for a condescending news anchor, Maya gets fired and subsequently accepts a long-standing job offer from his father, who is a publishing tycoon.[2]


Maya is portrayed as a smart young professional with career ambitions, making her stand out among the rather absurd staff of Blush. A militant feminist, Maya constantly frowns on the objectification of women in the fashion industry, and constantly pushes her peers to feature deeper issues and less superficial subjects for the magazine, to little avail.

Relationships Edit

Jack Gallo Edit

Maya has had a complicated relationship with her father Jack, especially prior to starting to work for him during the pilot. In the episode "Nina Van Grandma" Jack claims "I was in that delivery room 14 hours on the hottest day of the year..... then why did it snow today").

Elliot Edit

She and Elliot were a couple for quite some time, and they were briefly engaged. Among her other dates were Michael Tenzer. Chris, Ray Loitta and another man named Chris. Although she was involved in several relationships, she was never depicted getting (legally) married in the series. She is also very skilled at pitching; when she pitched a baseball to Dennis Finch, he thinks his hand is broken. However if Maya starts pitching, she can't stop (she wanted to practice softball with Finch in the rain).

Notes Edit

  • As a young girl, Maya played the violin. She has also played the guitar in one episode.
  • She is usually mistaken to be Puerto Rican. Although Laura San Giacomo is of Italian descent, Maya's parents are both American.

References Edit

  1. Eve of Destruction
  2. Back Issues

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