Jack Gallo
Jack gallo
Gender Male
Family Daughter: Maya Gallo
First Appearance "Back Issues"
Occupation Owner of Blush magazine
Portrayed By George Segal

Jack Gallo is a fictional character from Just Shoot Me! and is portrayed by George Segal.


During his daughter Maya's childhood, Jack was an absent workaholic. The relationship between the two of them develops throughout the series reaching its pinnacle when he hands the magazine over to Maya in the series finale after retiring. When extolling the virtues of an assistant to Maya, he notes that an assistant (in his case Finch) can even become one's "best friend," although the sentiment was slightly dulled by his use of the pronoun "it" to refer to the hypothetical assistant (and therefore to Finch).


Jack is four times divorced, although he was married to Maya's high school classmate Allie for the first half of the series. They have a daughter (Maya's half-sister) named Hannah who was born in the first episode, "Look Who's Coming to Blush". Jack showers Hannah with affection, prompting Maya's jealousy. This resentment disappears when Jack explains that he did not want to repeat with Hannah the mistakes he made with Maya. Jack has a running contest with Donald Trump as to who is, among other topics, the smartest, the richest, and the best gift giver. After losing a competition, Jack got Donald Trump's name tattooed on his body.

In "The Book of Jack", Finch refers to Jack as "Jackson Gilbert Gallo".

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