"Elliot the Geek"
Season 2
Episode 10
Air Date January 6, 1998
Jesus, It's Christmas · Sewer!
"Elliot the Geek" is the tenth episode of the second season. It originally aired on January 6, 1998.


On finding out about the death of his high school teacher, Elliot intends to take vengeance for being picked on in school and impress his former persecutors with his success and glamor. At the funeral, he realizes however what the real lesson of the late teacher was and abandons the intention. Meanwhile, Jack is giving Finch some tips as to how to exert power over others using psychological techniques. When Finch is drunk with his newly gained power and thinks the pupil has outgrown the master, Jack puts him back in his place.


  • This episode was the first episode to air in 1998.