Elliot DiMauro
Elliot dimauro
Gender Male
First Appearance "Back Issues"
Occupation Photographer
Portrayed By Enrico Calantoni

Elliot DiMauro is a fictional character on Just Shoot Me! and is played by Enrico Colantoni.

Elliot is the photographer of Blush. Elliot was "discovered" by Jack, who found him selling his photography on the street, which all happens before the series begins. He also dated Maya for a period of time.


In one episode, when he reveals that he is not allowed to vote in an election, he reveals that he was once arrested and spent time in jail. In a season four episode, it is revealed that he had planned to propose to a former girlfriend but as he was buying flowers, he was subsequently the victim of a hit-and-run — the driver turned out to be Nina. Though Elliot was angry at Nina for ruining his chances (he and his girlfriend's relationship ended the night of the accident), upon meeting his ex later, Elliot discovered that his ex-girlfriend had three husbands who died in accidents involving boats.

Elliot also has a brother (in the episode "Slow Donnie") named Donnie. When they were kids, Elliot accidentally threw a frisbee into a tree. Donnie climbed up the tree to get the frisbee, but slipped and fell out. From then on, his brain had been severely damaged, so he was almost retarded. In the episode, it is Donnie's birthday Elliot invited Maya along and while at the party, Donnie reveals to Maya (with no-one else in the room) that he is faking to have everything done for him and so he doesn't need to pay for anything (he still lives with his parents). She threatens to expose him but remains silent when she sees the joy his mother receives from caring for Donnie.

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